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Grooming Sprays by #1 All Systems for adding shine and volume

3-D VOLUMIZING SPRAY developed by #1 All Systems to be used for overall body, volume and texture or just at the roots to lift the coat. After use, you can brush through the coat without damage. The more you use, the bigger the volume, the thicker the coat. Never greasy, sticky or stiff and no build-up. Renew by just misting with water and brushing out.

FABULOUS GROOMING SPRAY is an excellent detangling + dematting agent and the best daily grooming spray because it never builds up or becomes stiff or brittle.  It adds texture and gloss. It actually repels dirt. An advanced lipid layer enhancer increases smoothness and moisturizes coat and skin. This new fabulous grooming spray created by #1 All Systems will nourish, protect and replenish.

#1 All Systems 3-D Volumizing / Fabulous Grooming Spray

PriceFrom $14.95
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