At the end of a lead in the show ring or at the end of a leash in the park, you want your show dog and your pets to be well groomed.

Living with pets most often involves trial and error with different brands of grooming products, from a simple ear cleaner to an array of more complex coat care products.


In the course of conducting business over several years, we have had feedback from thousands of customers, not only fellow pet lovers and exhibitors but various professionals -- groomers, veterinarians and handlers.  The hands-down favorite, and the products most frequently reordered, were those created by #1 All Systems.


This is a sensible product line with products when used on their own or in combinations, respond to every grooming challenge.  Straightforward, pure ingredients in formulations that deliver results that you can count on.


#1 All Systems grooming products are sold in markets worldwide, as are their brushes and combs designed by Roberta Lombard and crafted from the finest materials. 
The #1 All Systems reputation is well-known and it is solid.

We are pleased to present the complete #1 All Systems product line because these products consistently place in first place as the leader in grooming products throughout the world.

We promise our customers first-rate service with attention to detail, super fast shipping and knowledgeable support.  Please let us know if you need product information or assistance.  We always appreciate hearing from you. 

Authority Pets LLC  For The Entire Selection Of #1 All Systems Professional Pet Grooming Products