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#1 All Systems has formualted grooming products for all breeds and all coat types.

Longhaired or short, all breeds and coat types have specific grooming requirements.  And, #1 All Systems has them covered with products for each of the four coat types.
So whether smooth,  silky, coarse or wiry, you can count on beautiful and healthy coats with products formulated for your dog's coat type by #1 All Systems.  All are easy to use,
perform as expected and deliver results.

We will be adding more breed pages.
For now you can contact us anytime 818.661.8483 with questions about grooming your breed.

There are four basic and distinctive coat type varieties 
and each has different grooming product requirements.

Products for the breeds we have listed so far are appropriate for your breed too.
Match up product selections for your dog's coat type based on these four coat categories: 

SMOOTH COATS are short and close to the body such as the Pug.
Rough coats can be either medium length or long, but they are always coarse to the touch.
The Poodle and the German Shepherd have COARSE COATS.
Long silky coats are DROP COATS such as the Yorkie and the Shih Tzu.
WIRE COATS are like coarse coats in that texture is very important.
Products recommended for coarse coats are used for wire coats
such as the Irish Terriers. Most wire-haired breeds are terriers.

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