The beautiful longhaired breeds look amazing in full coat and they are adorable in haircuts
Here are two best-selling dog grooming DVD's that demonstrate all aspects of grooming your dog 
Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS and Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS
Master Classes Just For You.   Now you can be grooming your dog at home.


Longhaired Dog Breeds
Shih Tzu In Full Coat
Schnauzer Hair Cut
Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCTUS

Long, short or in-between.  The choice is yours.   Here's how to do it.


"Years ago, I was lucky to observe as I visited with my best friend while she would groom dogs. Now, I wish I would have paid more attention to what she was really what size blades to use and all the other little "tricks" to get the look you're after.
The information in this video was exactly what I was hoping for!
This is a must-have for every dog owner! A++ from someone that knew that she could do it, but just didn't quite know how!   Thank you so much for sharing this information.
- Cathi Cook

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Marsha Myers
Very helpful if you want to groom at home.

SW McDowell
Just what I was looking for.

Perfect for me and my little pooch.

5.0 out of 5 Stars
Wonderful! Two thumbs up!

Del and Anna Framingham MA
From start to finish, this is an outstanding video. My wife and I give "Grooming Your Dog" an enthusiastic "two thumbs up!". We enjoyed it immensely and most certainly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about grooming his or her dog at home.


It is obvious that a lot of thought and devotion went into this program. The impression throughout is that the people involved care a great deal about dogs, about grooming and about patiently and intelligently sharing their expertise with novices.

As for the haircuts - beautifully demonstrated.
Just as stated in the description - simplified and basic. All of the procedures are detailed with clear, close up camera angles.  Very well done, exceptional 


5.0 out of 5 Stars
Wonderful Grooming DVD

The demonstration is clear, the instructions are easy
to follow. I can't believe that I now know how

to give my two dogs haircuts.

I highly recommend Basic Haircuts for anyone who wants to learn how to groom their dog at home. It was recommended to me by my neighbor who is a professional groomer. She uses it in her shop for training new groomers and assistants. THE BEST!



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Grooming Your Dog

What I like that I learned from this video is how to actually use a clipper and the shears. The video also promotes that practice makes you better ... for the first time grooming my Yorkie she looked really good.
I did watch it a couple of times because I was nervous but the instructions are very comprehensive and easy to understand.


Grooming Your Dog

Kay Pearson
Teaching an old dog ... 
I am a professional groomer and I recommend this video.  I previewed several grooming videos for a client.   I kept this one for myself. 


Grooming Your Dog

Claudia D
Thank you so much ...
I hesitated before ordering but am so happy that I finally did.  I love this tape and have watched it over and over ... my dogs and I are forever grateful.   You're the best!   


Grooming Your Dog

Kelly  Davenport IA
A Wonderful Video!
If you want to learn how to groom your dog, this video is for you! ... It shows how to groom your dog safely and efficiently... This video is great!
I don't ever have to buy another one!   

Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS
Haircuts in various styles and various lengths for your breed.  Plus all aspects of grooming your dog
Learn the Basics ... spiff up the whiskers ... trim the feet and eyebrows and beards or do a top knot ... trim the pads ... keep those nails short and healthy ... all about keeping your dog healthy and looking beautiful and Grooming Your Dog at home


Ena Lane has come out with a grooming video that is quite simply the best of its kind ever done.  Ena has spent a zillion hours perfecting her methods; her easy way of explaining how things should be done covers all the basics and a few secrets.  This video is highly recommended 
James Taylor for ShowSight Magazine 

Show Off Your Dog  ... is a must-have. The video helps owners achieve a finished look for all dogs. It covers basics that apply to any breed such as brushing, bathing and drying and techniques longhaired dog owners won't want to miss. As the narrator notes, 'The perfectly groomed dog is an inspiration and a pleasure to see'  
DOG FANCY Magazine 

Preview Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS DVD - Video

DVD Huey Brushing 2019.jpg

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Claire Burke  from AMAZON.COM
This is a delightful and useful video. Not only does it show you basic procedures for grooming any breed of long haired dog - brushing, bathing/conditioning, blow drying - it also demonstrates how to groom your dog for a beautiful and polished look. My own dog is currently clipped but I would love to grow her hair longer. With the help of this tape, I now know proper coat care and how to keep up a long coat ... Step-by-step and very clearly depicted, this first-hand demonstration can be referred to as often as needed. Now that I've seen the secrets,
I can't wait to try it!

Ena Lane has an easy, relaxed tone throughout this video and her dog
is extremely beautiful - a true role model. I definitely recommend this terrific video.


Jennifer Chao  from AMAZON.COM
This is a wonderful grooming video and I recommend it.
I don't have a purebred dog; she is a Lhasa mix but I still care a lot about how she looks (and feels) and about grooming her MYSELF.

With the help of this video, I can "show off" my little dog and I am thrilled about that. I am proud of her and of myself too!  I follow everything I learned from watching this video and I learned a great deal - many new things. This is a very well done work and I look forward to enjoying it over and over again. 


... brought home our new puppy just before the holidays. His breeder gave us this video as a gift. I am so grateful! Not only is this new little one helping to mend broken hearts but I am now looking forward to his grooming with new knowledge and new confidence.

We had our first dog in various lengths of coat over the years and never knew this much about grooming her.  She hated going to the groomer and, each time, I hated leaving her there. Jake is going to be groomed by me and in his home. He is going to be a beautiful gold color. I am looking forward to keeping his coat and admiring and loving him every day. I definitely recommend this video.


Golden Girl
This was an extremely great video! I got this thinking I would learn about grooming my dog, but when I was done I had even learned about training my dog. I groomed my own dog and even finished his championship with the help of this video.
I highly recommend this ...

This video is a classic.
It is a timeless treasure. 
Thank you, Ena Lane for sharing your secrets