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Respond to every grooming challenge with #1 All Systems
Because winning isn't everything ... it's the only thing.


All other things being equal ... the dog or cat in the best condition and groomed to perfection is going to win that day.  You can always count on #1 All Systems for the competitive edge.

This is a sensible product line with products when used singly or in combinations, respond to every grooming challenge.
Beautifully crafted brushes and combs are designed to be gentle on coats and are built to last.

Most often selected by professionals worldwide for top winning show dogs and cats ... these are the best grooming products that you can buy to groom your pets.

Best In Show And
Conditioned By
#1 All Systems

Professionals throughout the world rely on the science behind #1 All Systems products for grooming the best of the best. 

Good Grooming is Good Health


The #1 All Systems technology doesn't stop with the creation of  products for beautifully maintained and conditioned coats.

With a vision of  total health for dogs and cats, the product line includes products that are good for animals as well as the environment: 

  • A Tea Tree Oil Spray that is a natural insect repellent as well as a first aid kit in a bottle for skin irritations, and 

  • An Herbal Ear Wash that protects against infections and harmful wax buildup without harsh chemicals.

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