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#1 All Systems Brushes For All Breeds


#1 All Systems Metal Combs . Finishes That Never Wear Off

Handcrafted from the finest materials available,  #1 All Systems BRUSHES  and METAL COMBS will help you maintain beautiful coats and keep those coats healthy all the way from puppyhood throughout the adult years ... and through every coat change 

PIN BRUSHES with smooth, anti-static pins are polished at the tips for your pet's comfort.  Pins are set in a flexible cushion to protect coats.  The Because I Am #1 Pin Brushes with both soft and firm cushions are designed with solid beechwood handles.  The ULTIMATE PIN BRUSH line has plastic handles in black, purple, teal and hot pink.   

SLICKER BRUSHES are designed with black lacquered handles, soft cushions, and flexible pins.
BRISTLE BRUSHES are both handsome and sturdy with both Pure Boar Bristles. The #1 All Systems Mason Pearson style brush is a favorite with a combination of nylon and natural bristles.

The #1 All Systems POWDER BRUSH is a handy tool for applying powders and chalk with pure goat hair that holds more of these substances most effectively.


#1 All Systems Brushes and Combs are handcrafted and built to last

And, Quite Simply The Best ..

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