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New Victoria Brush designed by #1 All Systems

You will love this new #1 Al Systems brush.
Your pet will love this new #1 All Systems brush.

Comfortable to use with ergonomically correct construction and comfortable for your pet with 20mm carbon steel pins that glide through the thickest coats. The Victoria Brush has a handsome beech wood handle, a flexible, sturdy rubber pad and substantial steel pins.

The smooth, carbon steel pins make this brush an excellent and vaulable de-matting tool that can help you work through the most difficult mats and tangles.  It is also an essentail tool for working through and brushing out even the thickest undercoats.


An instant best-seller the Victoria Pin Brush is the best and last brush you will ever buy.

#1 All Systems New Pin Brush . Victoria Pin Brush . Oval

  • I like it
    -Marji Mccormick

    I love this new brush. Created for heavy, rough coats -- but I use it on Tinsel (Lhasa) AND Buddy and Max (Shih Tzu). The dogs seem to love the feel of it. This one's a must-have. 
    -Maria Jackson

    Beautiful ad & I love the new brush!
    -Leslie Simis

    I LOVE the new brush. Ch. Dunkirk I'm Gonna Live Forever..Fame...still loves getting brushed.
    -Timothy Reese

    Fantastic looking brush.
    -Janice Coghlan-Tilly

    This is awesome 
    Cheryl Kohorst

    Fabulous brush! Love it. Smooth tips on the pins!
    -Beverly Wilson

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