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You've got a lot of brushing to do ... #1 All Systems has the brush to get the job done.  The right way.

This sturdy pin brush has a white tumbled beechwood handle with extra thick metal pins that have rounded tops.  The carbon steel pins are set in a natural rubber cushion.  Designed by Roberta Lombardi for #1 All Systems and
created especially for grooming
rough coated breeds.  The Victoria Pin Brush is the last one you'll ever buy.

collie 2016-2_edited
Siberian Dog 20162_edited
New Brush

#1 All Systems
Victoria Pin Brush
Ideal For Heavy Rough Coats

Carefully handcrafted from the finest materials available,  #1 All Systems pin brushes, wood handled brushes, boar bristle brushes, slickers and metal combs will help maintain beautiful coats and keep those coats healthy all the way from puppyhood throughout the adult years ... and through very coat change. Because with #1 All Systems "Every Hair Counts".

This fantastic new brush expertly designed by Roberta Lombardi is the one you have been waiting for.  As always, you can count on #1 All Systems to respond t
o every grooming challenge.

#1 All Systems Victoria Brush

I love this new brush. Created for heavy, rough coats -- but I use it on Tinsel (Lhasa) AND Buddy and Max (Shih Tzu). The dogs seem to love the feel of it. This one's a must-have. 

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