Ultimate Pin Brushes Designed By #1 All Sysems

The Ultimate Professional Pin Brush is an all-purpose perfectly designed brush.  Comfortable to use and comfortable for your pets.

This finely crafted grooming tool specifically constructed for medium to long coats and single or double-coated breeds. Designed by #1 All Systems with anti-static 27mm long rounded pins with polished tips. The Ultimate Professional Pin Brush glides easily through the hair and minimizes hair loss.

The long rust-proof pins get all the through layers of coat to the skin for a completely brushed coat and a more finished look. The traditional Ultimate Professional Pin Brush in Black is now available in Purple and Teal and Hot Pink.   So that you can add a little color to your routine.


"This is the best pin brush.  It gets through the coats easily and the dogs love the feel of it.  I have been grooming dogs for twenty-five years and this is my favorite brush."  Pamela Jorgensen



#1 All Systems . Now In Colors Ultimate Pin Brush

  • The traditional Ultimate Professional Pin Brush in Black is now available in your choice of handle. Add a little color to your routine with a handle in Purple . Teal . Hot Pink

    Add  > FABULOUS GROOMING SPRAY  to your order. Because you should never brush a dry coat.


    This perfect daily grooming spray is a must-have. Formulated from all-natural ingredients.  Adds moisture and smoothness.

    Advanced conditioners protect and prevent matting, tangling, and static. The unique trigger spray delivers a very fine mist so you control how much to use. With continued use condition, texture, volume, and gloss steadily improve



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