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Basic Haircuts For Yorkies

What sets this video apart from all the rest .. is this:
It is NOT just one dog and one haircut.

The BASIC HAIRCUTS are easily adaptable  .. just select the look and the length that you like best and you can be grooming your own dog at home.  Using both scissors and clippers is demonstrated for:
• The Spaniel Cut • The Traditional Puppy Cut • The Poodle Clip • A Clip For Terriers and Mixed Breeds • The Utility Cut

Your dog's health and well being depend upon BASIC GROOMING.
You will learn how simple it is to:
• Trim eyebrows and whiskers • Trim pads of the feet • Pluck hair from the ears • Cut the toenails

For grooming to be the enjoyable experience is should be for you and your dog, some BASIC TRAINING is required. Among topics included:
• Puppy's First Bath • Handling Dogs Of All Ages

***** Wonderful grooming DVD. The demonstration is clear, the instructions are easy to follow. I can't believe that I now know how to give my two dogs haircuts. I highly recommend Basic Haircuts for anyone who wants to learn how to groom their dog at home. It was recommended to me by my neighbor who is a professional groomer. She uses it in her shop for training new groomers and assistants. THE BEST!   - Krissygirl  Thousand Oaks CA

Basic Grooming + Haircuts THE BASIC HAIRCUTS DVD Master Class . Grooming

  • This DVD should go home with every pet puppy and every puppy with show potential who will someday be ready for a cute haircut.   


    Grooming ... bathing, brushing, clipping will keep your dog looking sharp.   Learn how to do it all ... This is a must-have dog grooming video.
    DOG FANCY Magazine


    An excellent program with a friendly, effective style ... Scissoring the Poodle top knot and the Schnauzer head are outstanding segments.

    Using a clipper and using scissors are both covered as are all the important aspects of grooming that must be performed for all dogs ... 
    There is a lot of material packed into this video and plenty of value for all pet owners." 

    Grooming Your Dog  BASIC HAIRCUTS
    When you learn the basics ..  the rest is simple

    You can be grooming your own dog at home.

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