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Got Hair Action Hair Apparent Leave In Conditioner


HAIR APPARENT is a phenomenal new dog grooming product created by #1 All Systems for adding moisture, texture, and natural shine without build-up. Adds body and improves manageability instantly. This leave-in conditioner is ready to use for smoothing out coats. Will not build up or weigh down the coat.


Use Got Hair Action HAIR APPARENT every time you brush.
This #1 All Systems humectant moisturizing conditioner delivers instant improvement for damaged coats. The specialized trigger delivers a fine even mist.  You control how much you need to use.


#1 All Systems leads the way in the creation and formulation of pet grooming sprays that bring another dimension to your grooming routine.  These sprays are easy to use.  None of them build up or get gummy or brittle.  Use for adding shine, instant manageability, protection or volume.



Got Hair Action Hair Apparent Leave In Conditioner

  • Shampoo, condition and finish up with Got Hair Action HAIR APPARENT or one of these #1 All Systems Grooming Sprays:

    FABULOUS GROOMING SPRAY→ is the perfect daily grooming spray and detangler.  Brushing a dry coat produces static and results in damage/breakage.  This leave-in conditioning spray is easy, and light.  It moisturizes and protects.  Your brush will just glide through the coat.  
    3-D VOLUMIZING SPRAY→ adds instant thickening and volume.  It can be sprayed all over, just where needed, or just at the roots.   Never stiff, you can brush as usual after using this amazing finishing spray.
    HAIR REVITALIZER AND ANTI-STATIC SPRAY→ is an instant oil-free #1 All Systems conditioner and anti-static coat spray that makes brushing easier, helps the coat repel dirt, and leaves the coat looking and smelling freshly bathed longer.  It imparts a crisp texture to the coat which is ideal prior to using scissors to trim coats.



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