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#1 All Systems Invisible Hold & Styling Gel for pets plus applicator brush

Invisible to the eye, the hand and the brush but very effective in holding the style by providing an invisible hold.

This totally unique #1 All Systems product blocks the effects of both humidity and dry atmosphere and contains moisturizing and strengthening conditioners.

Invisible Hold and Stying Gel  is non-oily and not sticky and can be used on even the most fragile coats over the course of several days without any build-up.  Apply with a brush for top knots.


#1 All Systems Invisible Hold & Styling Gel

PriceFrom $10.95
  • The Applicator Brush is a great tool for adding gel evenly and it is just firm enough to work the gel down to the roots where you need it to be.


    How perfectly sized is this new #1 All Systems comb?  It is sized to comb your pet's face and to perfectly fit in your pocket (or purse) to get the job done .. more easily .. wherever and whenever. 

    #1 All Systems Ultimate Face / Pocket Comb

    Perfect for combing faces and top knots.  Perfect too for all small pets, puppies, and cats.

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