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The #1 All Systems pocket-sized comb is perfect for small pets

How perfectly sized is this new comb?  It is sized to comb your pet's face and to perfectly fit in your pocket (or purse) to get the job done .. more easily .. wherever and whenever.  Perfect for combing faces.  Perfect too for all small pets, puppies and cats.


The Ultimate Comb is also available in a full size. The perfect all-purpose comb.

 Here it is 

#1 All Systems Face Comb . Is Pocket Sized

  • New must-have #1 All Systems face comb is pocket sized and just 41/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. This handsome metal comb has a balanced, substantial feel.  Handcrafted with a smooth durable finish that will never wear off and teeth that are spaced medium/coarse.  

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