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Grooming your Pug with #1 All Systems products


The Pug is a solid little dog and a favorite breed throughout the world.  No wonder, with that adorable face.  And, that face needs regular grooming.  It is important to wash the Pug face, get into the creases and keep the eyes clean -- and ears too.  The best Pug shampoo is one that is gentle, rinses easily, and leaves the Pug coat texture looking crisp and clean.

Frequent and thorough brushing will keep this notorious little shedder looking and feeling great. Shedding is the natural process of getting rid of dead hair and, when it is not properly brushed out,  the coat and skin are not as healthy as they should be. 


When it comes to choosing the best brush for a Pug, there are a few factors to consider.  Pugs have a short, double coat that is prone to shedding, so a brush that effectively removes loose hair and minimizes shedding is ideal. Additionally, since pugs have sensitive skin, it's important to use a brush that is gentle and doesn't cause any discomfort.   A quality bristle brush and a slicker with pins that are gentle on the skin are best.


So let's get this grooming done with #1 All Systems.
The best choice for grooming your dog are products that have been formulated for his specific coat type.  Here are individual products that work best for this breed and the Pug coat type.  All are easy and affordable.  And, with #1 All Systems you can always count on the best results.


The Medium Slicker Brush  . Ear So Fresh . Crisp Coat Shampoo .
The Pure Boar Bristle Brush 


The Medium Slicker Brush  . Ear So Fresh . Crisp Coat Shampoo .
The Boar Bristle + Nylon Pins Brush 


#1 All Systems Products For Grooming Your Pug

PriceFrom $10.95
  • WHY #1 All Systems Slicker Brush
    #1 All Systems Slickers, constructed with extra cushion to ensure comfort and gentleness, have longer and more pliable pins to get all the way through for a thorough brushing-out.


    WHY #1 All Systems Ear So Fresh
    This all-natural herbal ear wash is the ultimate in ear hygiene. Full-strength herbal extracts keep ears clean, and fresh and reduce ear wax build-up.


    WHY #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo
    Over time, coats look dull and flat.  Put back "the snap" with this #1 All Systems shampoo containing rich botanicals that enhance texture and remove residues.  It's gentle and will never dry out coats or skin.  Easy to use and rinses out quickly.


    WHY #1 All Systems Pure Boar Bristle Brush
    A pleasure to own and a pleasure to use. This brush is preferred by top pros worldwide.  Made with 100% natural boar bristles firmly seated in a comfortable and beautiful olive wood handle. These bristles distribute healthy oils from the skin to the coat and just plain feel good.  Your Pug will love this brush!


    WHY #1 All Systems Bristle Brush With Nylon and Natural Boar Bristles
    This hand-finished brush has a lightweight black lacquered handle with bristles and nylon pins to stimulate natural oil production.  This brush is gentle for short-haired dogs yet removes loose hair easily and quickly.  It’s also great for removing dirt, dust, and dead skin. Leaves behind a natural shine so your Pug will look gorgeous!

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