#1 All Systems . Crisp Coat  Texturizing

CRISP COAT BOTANICAL TEXTURIZING & DETOXIFYING SHAMPOO improves the coats on rough-coated breeds by building body and removing coat damaging / dulling residues that ruin texture and appearance.

All-natural SUPER RICH PROTEIN LOTION CONDITIONER is formulated by #1 All Systems with a light ginger scent that is a customer favorite.  Based with pure vegetable protein and herbs, this is a highly concentrated conditioner and an excellent choice for building body and adding shine.

  • Thank you for telling me about this product combination.  It is the best!  I love this conditioner - it is the only one I've ever used that doesn't make his coat too soft and it gets the job done beautifully.  Kristin Liggett

#1 All Systems . Crisp Coat Texturizing

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  • This all natural pair is a winning combination that not only improves appearance, but is formulated to keep pets fresher longer.

    If you have a Terrier, Collie, Chow Chow, Pomeranian, Akita and or a breed with a similar rough coat .. this shampoo package was created for you.  Put the "snap" back into these coats by improving texture and adding incredible shine.