Puppy grooming package with shampoo pin brush and comb

SUPER CLEANING SHAMPOO is tearless, gentle and non-irritating.  Adds moisture and shine. Rinses completely residue free. 


SMALL PIN BRUSH is perfect for puppies, small dogs and cats and perfect to take along for touch ups on the go.  Smaller version of the #1 All Systems full-size pin brush .. measures 7 inches long with a 2.5 inch head.  Long, rust-proof pins for a thorough brushing and a flexible cushion makes brushing comfortable for your pet and the ergonomic handle makes brushing comfortable for you too


METAL COMB  is pocket sized. Jjust 41/2 inches long and 11/2 inches wide. This handsome comb has a balanced, substantial feel.  Handcrafted with a smooth durable finish that will never wear off and teeth that are spaced medium/coarse.  

#1 All Systems . Grooming Package For Puppies

    • Shampoo
    • Pin Brush
    • Metal Comb