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#1 All Systems grooming products for Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retrievers - Black, Golden, Chocolate - have long been the most popular breed in the US.  This outgoing lovable breed is a pleasure to live with - in spite of being a notorious shedder. And, they do get dirty!  #1 All Systems shampoos are easy and get the job done quickly PLUS they eliminate concerns about drying out the skin or stripping the coat of essential oils.  You can give your Lab a bath anytime it is needed and improve that rich, shiny coat.


Why #1 All Systems Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo
Here is a Super Cleaning Shampoo that gets the job done and rinses easily without leaving behind any residue making it perfect for Labrador Retrievers.   This best-selling shampoo is concentrated to be economical (dilute as needed) and it will never dry out the coat or irritate the skin so it can be used as often as needed.
So, easy and no worries.


Why #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo
This shampoo is great for the Labs' double-layered, dense coats to clarify and restore all-important texture. It is deep cleansing but will never dry out the coat or skin.   Over time coats look flat and dull.
Put back the "snap" with #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo.


Why #1 All Systems Color Enhancing Conditioners?

Environmental factors, genetics, and aging all can impact coat color.  Color-enhancing conditioners by #1 All Systems restore the Labs' rich color and lustrous coat in one easy-to-use step.  Red/Brown and Midnight (Black) can be strayed on, used as a conditioning rinse or mixed with other conditioners.  UV blocking protection keeps the colors looking great. 


Why #1 All Systems for skincare and reliable ear hygiene?
Simple.  #1 All Systems is serious about natural skin and coat products that work as a treatment or a preventative.  Talk about preventatives: Ear So Fresh is the easiest, straightforward herbal solution for maintaining good ear health.  Keeps ears clean, fresh and reduces ear wax build-up.  Nothing else is quite like sensational Product Stabilizer. This unique ginger-scented citrus rinse is used to tone skin, remove residues and build-ups from skin and coat - incuding build-up from heavy conditioning. Stabilizer lowers the pH of skin to promote natural healing (dermatitis and hot spots), and neutralizes alkaline stains (pee and saliva).  The must-have Tea Tree Spray is a first aid kit in a bottle and a natural remedy for irritation from bites and irritations.  Tea tree oil, lanolin, and collagen soothe and stop the itch fast.  Tea Tree Oil can be added to create an effective medicated bath AND it is a natural flea repellant. 




#1 All Systems Products For Grooming Labrador Retrievers

PriceFrom $11.95
  • Brushing is so important for winning the war on shedding, not only to remove loose/dead coat but to keep that coat healthy and looking great.  The best brush is one that gets the job done well and quickly so that you can enjoy this important bonding time.


    Why #1 All Systems Brushes
    #1 All Systems responds to the shedding challenge with sturdy brushes that are designed for performance and built to last. Thoroughly tested and acclaimed by top pros worldwide these brushes are carefully constructed with the finest materials.  

    #1 All Systems Slicker Brushes are crafted with bent-wire bristles to grasp and effectively remove dead undercoat which is essential for keeping ahead of shedding.  

    WHY the #1 All Systems Pure Boar Bristle Brush
    A pleasure to own and a pleasure to use. This Bristle Brush is preferred by top pros worldwide.  Made with 100% natural boar bristles firmly seated in a comfortable and beautiful olive wood handle. These bristles distribute healthy oils from the skin to the coat and just plain feel good.  Your Lab will love this brush!


    And, because you should never brush a dry coat ...
    Fabulous Grooming Spray is an advanced moisturizing spray and the ideal daily grooming spray and leave-in conditioner. It is not greasy and will not weigh down the coat. This advanced spray replenishes the coat and actually repels dirt!  Just spray lightly for all-over coverage, brush and you're done.


    Crisp Coat Shampoo . Large Slicker Brush . Pure Boar Bristle Brush


    Super Cleaning & Conditioing Shampoo . Large Slicker Brush . Pure Boar Bristle Brush




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