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#1 All Systems grooming products for Terriers

Terriers are handsome, rugged, and high-energy breeds.
Terrier coats look best with defined texture and need a shampoo that rinses easily, is gentle and leaves them looking crisp and clean.


Over time, coats look dull and flat.  Clarifying shampoos can restore this type of wiry coat by removing build-up but are often drying and can cause skin irritation.  Not satisfied with this tradeoff, #1 All Systems created Crisp Coat Shampoo for these coats to put back "the snap".  This botanical shampoo is gentle, quick rinsing and will never cause dryness or irritation. 


Frequent brushing with a pin brush and a slicker brush will remove dirt and loose coat to prevent matting.  #1 All Systems brushes are designed for performance and built to last.  These sturdy brushes ensure the thorough brush out required for efficiently keeping dense Terrier Coat healthy and great looking.


#1 All Systems has all you need to keep your Terrier looking and feeling great.  So let's get this done ... it's easy with products made for the distinctive Terrier coat.



WHY #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo
Because Terrier coats need a clean, crisp look and this #1 All Systems shampoo contains rich botanicals that enhance texture and remove residues. It puts back and keeps "the snap".  Easy to use and rinses out quickly.


WHY #1 All Systems Whitening Shampoos
Because there are stains and heavily-soiled coats here.  This one is especially for the West Highland White Terrier who's busy everyday and everywhere and doesn't know he is white: Pure White Lightening Shampoo.  For Terriers with white and colors there is Pro Formula Whitening/Brightening Shampoo to get the white parts sparkling and intensify the colors.



Crisp Coat Shampoo . Large Slicker Brush . Victoria Oval Pin Brush



Whitening/Brightening Shampoo All Colors . Large Slicker Brush . Victoria Oval Pin Brush



 Whitening Shampoo . Large Slicker Brush . Victoria Oval Pin Brush



#1 All Systems Products For Grooming Terriers

PriceFrom $9.95
  • WHY #1 All Systems Slicker Brush
    #1 All Systems Slickers, constructed with extra cushion to ensure comfort and gentleness, have longer and more pliable pins to get all the way through for a thorough brushing-out.


    WHY #1 All Systems Pin Brushes
    These Pin Brushes have 27mm static-free and rust-proof pins set in a firm pad and are ideal for grooming wiry coats. The pins have polished tips that make brushing comfortable and the superior pad design allows the pins to rotate through a thick coat for a thorough and complete brush out. The hardworking 27mm pin brush with an oval head in sturdy beechwood is ideal for removing undercoats.


    WHY #1 All Systems Victoria Brushes
    The Victoria has 20mm carbon steel pins that glide through the thickest coats, a sturdy beech wood handle and a flexible rubber pad. The substantial, carbon steel pins make this brush an excellent de-matting tool and is also an essential tool for working through and brushing out even the thickest undercoats. An instant best-seller the Victoria Pin Brush is perfect for a thorough brush-out and distributing essential oils throughout the coat.  With an oval head and an oblong for smaller, tight spaces. 


    Why #1 All Systems for skincare and reliable ear hygiene?
    Simple.  #1 All Systems is serious about natural skin and coat products that work as a treatment or a preventative.

    Talk about preventatives: Ear So Fresh is the easiest, straightforward herbal solution for maintaining good ear health.  Keeps ears clean, fresh and reduces ear wax build-up.  Nothing else is quite like sensational Product Stabilizer. This unique ginger-scented citrus rinse is used to tone skin, remove residues and build-ups from skin and coat. Stabilizer lowers the pH of skin to promote natural healing (dermatitis and hot spots).  The must-have Tea Tree Spray is a first aid kit in a bottle and a natural remedy for irritation from bites and irritations.  AND it is a natural flea repellant.  


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