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#1 All Systems Grooming Products for German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd is a beautiful double-coated breed.  The thick, handsome coat requires regular and consistent brushing.  Harsh, detergent-based shampoos are often wrongly selected for this active dog and they can leave the skin dried out, flaky, and prone to chronic itchy irritations.  The hallmark strong pigmentation can fade over time with exposure to the elements.  #1 All Systems shampoos and conditioners are carefully formulated for these grooming challenges and #1 All Systems Color Enhancing Conditioners are perfect for this breed.   Brushes and combs by #1 All Systems are built for performance, designed to last and simply get the job done right. 


Why #1 All Systems Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo
Here is a shampoo that gets the job done and rinses easily without leaving behind any residue making it perfect for the German Shepherd dense coat.   It is concentrated to be economical (dilute as needed) and it will never dry out the coat or irritate the skin so it can be used as often as needed.


Why #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo
This shampoo is great for rough/hard coats to clarify and restore all-important texture. It is deep cleansing but will never dry out the coat or skin.  Over time coats look flat and dull. Put back the "snap" with #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo


Why #1 All Systems Color Enhancing Conditioners
In Red/Brown and Midnight
Enrich and deepen the German Shepherd coloring with these advanced color-enhancing conditioners formulated with natural silk, herbal extracts, and UV absorbers for maximum color protection.  #1 All Systems Color Conditioners are all natural and versatile. Can be sprayed on, mixed with regular conditioners or used full strength.


Why #1 All Systems Brushes
Undoubtedly the most important grooming procedure for maintaining a healthy German Shepherd coat is brushing out the coat.  #1 All Systems responds to this challenge with sturdy brushes that are designed for performance and built to last. Thoroughly tested and acclaimed by top pros worldwide these brushes are carefully constructed with the finest materials.  

#1 All Systems Slicker Brushes are crafted with bent-wire bristles to grasp and effectively remove dead undercoat which is essential for the German Shepherd.  

#1 All Systems Pin Brushes with 27mm static-free pins set in a firm pad are ideal for grooming the German Shepherd Dog.  Anti-static pins have polished tips that make brushing comfortable.  The superior pad design of  #1 All Systems Pin Brushes allows the pins to rotate through a thick coat for a thorough and complete brush out.  The hardworking 27mm pin brush with an oval head in sturdy beechwood is ideal for removing undercoats and the  #1 All Systems Ultimate Pin Brush with a slightly lighter touch is ideal for the furnishings.


Finish up with a Bristle Brush to polish and distribute natural oils.  Select the Mason Person Style Nylon/Bristle Brush or the Pure Boar Bristle Brush with Olivewood Handle.


And, because you should never brush a dry coat ...
Fabulous Grooming Spray is an advanced moisturizing spray and the ideal daily grooming spray and leave-in conditioner. It is not greasy and will not weigh down the coat. This advanced spray replenishes the coat and actually repels dirt!  Just spray lightly for all-over coverage, brush and you're done.

#1 All Systems Products For German Shepherd Grooming

PriceFrom $12.95


    After brushing, it's always best to go through the coat with a sturdy comb to remove any remaining loose undercoat.

    Why #1 All Systems Ultimate Combs
    Constructed of brass and steel, beautifully finished in nickel, this comb is handmade from its non-slip handle to its extra smooth teeth. The extra-smooth finish will never wear off. Combing is important for the German Shepherd coat and lush feathering and the comb finish must be super smooth so as not to snag and pull. The Full-Sized Comb has teeth spaced wide and medium- far more useful than the common comb with teeth spaced wide and very narrow. It is 7 .5″ inches long and extremely durable. The De-Matting Comb is fabulous as the final grooming step all over to ensure that all that loose undercoat is gone and for finishing mat-free lush feathering.


    Why #1 All Systems for skincare and reliable ear hygiene? Simple.  #1 All Systems is serious about natural skin and coat products that work as a treatment or a preventative.
    Talk about preventatives: Ear So Fresh is the easiest, straightforward herbal solution for maintaining good ear health.  Keeps ears clean, fresh and reduces ear wax build-up.  Nothing else is quite like sensational Product Stabilizer. This unique ginger-scented citrus rinse is used to tone skin, remove residues and build-ups from skin and coat. Stabilizer lowers the pH of skin to promote natural healing (dermatitis and hot spots).  The must-have Tea Tree Spray is a first aid kit in a bottle and a natural remedy for irritation from bites and irritations.  Tea tree oil, lanolin, and collagen soothe and stop the itch fast.  Tea Tree Oil can be added to create an effective medicated bath AND it is a natural flea repellant.  


    Must-have grooming equipment is a powerful forced air blow dryer not only for after baths but any time your dog gets wet.  The Master Blaster Pet Dryer by MetroVac delivers high-performance drying technology that will leave your German Shepherd looking its best in no time.  Twin high-speed 4.0 Peak HP 2 Stage Dual Fan Motors can cut drying time by 85 percent. This advanced pet dryer is the ideal way to efficiently dry even the most dense coats in less time.  Power and durability in a compact and lightweight design deliver fast and efficient drying without the coat damaging effects from a heat dryer.


    BASIC PACKAGE . Crisp Coat Shampoo - Put Back The "Snap" .  Large Slicker Brush . Pure Boar Bristle Brush - Olive Wood Handle


    ULTIMATE PACKAGE .  Crisp Coat Shampoo - Put Back The "Snap" . Both Color Enhancing Conditioners . Large Slicker Brush . Ultimate Oblong Pin Brush . Pure Boar Bristle Brush - Olive Wood Handle



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