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#1 All Systems Grooming Products For Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The delightful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for its silky coat with distinctive color patterns highlighted with sparkling white.
#1 All Systems grooming products are ideal for keeping this handsome toy breed looking elegantly regal. Daily brushing with correct tools makes this double-coated breed easy to maintain and keeps its downy undercoat under control. Selecting products specifically formulated for the Cavalier coat will make time spent on grooming effective and efficient. So let's get it done with #1 All Systems and you can count on beautiful results.


WHY #1 All Systems Shampoos

Gentle and carefully pH balanced, these shampoos rinse easily and never dry out the coat or skin. They never leave residues just a clean fresh scent.


Rich in body-building and purifying residue-removing botanicals,
Crisp Coat Shampoo restores all-important texture and definition.  It is a Cavalier new favorite. Over time coats look flat and dull. Put back the snap with this #1 All Systems shampoo.

The amazing Pro Formula Whitening /Brightening Shampoo removes staining and whitens the Cavalier distinctive white but will NOT lighten colors -- it actually brightens colors - ALL COLORS, even black.

The best-selling Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo is gentle and tearless -- safe for Cavalier puppies and sensitive pets. Rinses quickly and completely. This is the perfect show day shampoo.


WHY #1 All Systems  Botanical Conditioner

This is the first in a new generation of instant conditioners with all-natural components. Keeps coats free of static, smooth, and silky. Will never weigh down the coat or build up. This moisturizing instant conditioner improves even the most difficult coats while reducing matting and tangling.


WHY #1 Systems Shazam Super Whitening Gel

This advanced whitener safely and gently removes tear, saliva, pee, and food stains. This is an easy-to-use clear gel that conditions and strengthens hair making it more resistant to future staining. Keep the white sparkling to contrast beautifully with the Cavalier's distinctive color patterns. The award-winning Super Whitening Gel for stains and discoloration is the only one that really works!


Why #1 All Systems for skincare and reliable ear hygiene?
Simple.  #1 All Systems is serious about natural skin and coat products that work as a treatment or a preventative.  Talk about preventatives: Ear So Fresh is the easiest, straightforward herbal solution for maintaining good ear health.  Keeps ears clean, fresh and reduces ear wax build-up.  Nothing else is quite like sensational Product Stabilizer. This unique ginger-scented citrus rinse is used to tone skin, remove residues and build-ups from skin and coat - incuding build-up from heavy conditioning. Stabilizer lowers the pH of skin to promote natural healing (dermatitis and hot spots), and neutralizes alkaline stains (pee and saliva).  The must-have Tea Tree Spray is a first aid kit in a bottle and a natural remedy for irritation from bites and irritations.  Tea tree oil, lanolin, and collagen soothe and stop the itch fast.  Tea Tree Oil can be added to create an effective medicated bath AND it is a natural flea repellant.  


WHY #1 All Systems Grooming Sprays

#1 All Systems grooming sprays have specialized trigger sprayers that deliver an extra fine mist so you can control the amount used. They never build up, or get gummy or brittle.

Hair Revitalizer / Instant Anti-Stat Spray Oil-free instant conditioner and anti-static coat spray. Makes brushing easier, helps the coat repel dirt, and leaves the coat looking and smelling freshly bathed longer. This all-time favorite spray gives the coat a crisp texture and instantly controls fly-aways and static.  3-D Volumizing Spray can be used for overall body, volume, and texture or just at the roots for lift. After use, brush through the coat without damage. Never greasy, sticky, or stiff. Renew by misting with water. 

#1 All Systems Products For Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

PriceFrom $8.95

    Why #1 All Systems Brushes
    Built for performance and built to last. Thoroughly tested and acclaimed by top pros worldwide these brushes are carefully constructed with the finest materials.  Specific brushes and combs are designed to perfectly address the unique Cavalier breed grooming requirements.

    #1 All Systems Slicker Brushes are crafted with extra cushion to ensure comfort and gentleness on the Cavalier coat and to minimize hair loss and breakage.  Bent-wire bristles grasp and remove dead undercoat and prevent matting.  Select full-size (Large), Medium, Small .. the perfect solution for hard-to-reach places.  Great looking too with updated beautiful silver pads! 

    The #1 All Systems Ultimate Pin Brush with 27mm static-free pins set in a flexible pad is ideal for grooming the Cavalier.  The pins have polished tips that make brushing comfortable for this little dog.  The superior pad design of the #1 All Systems Ultimate Pin Brush allows the pins to rotate with snarls and tangles for your pets' comfort throughout the brush out.  This brush is ideal for silky coats.   It is available in basic black and fun, fashionable colors - hot pink, purple, and teal.  For Cavalier fanciers who prefer a Bristle Brush, there is the Mason Person Style Nylon/Bristle Brush.

    And, because you should never brush a dry coat ...
    Fabulous Grooming Spray is an advanced moisturizing spray and the ideal daily grooming spray and leave-in conditioner. It is not greasy and will not weigh down the coat. This advanced spray replenishes the coat and actually repels dirt! It is best to never brush a dry coat and this spray is perfect for the Cavalier coat. Just spray lightly for all-over coverage, brush and you're done.

    Why #1 All Systems Ultimate Combs
    Constructed of brass and steel, beautifully finished in nickel, this comb is handmade from its non-slip handle to its extra smooth teeth.  The extra-smooth finish will never wear off.  Combing is important for the Cavalier coat and lush feathering and the comb finish must be super smooth so as not to snag and pull hair.  The Full-Sized Comb has teeth spaced wide and medium- far more useful than the common comb with teeth spaced wide and very narrow.  It is 7 .5″ inches long and extremely durable.  The new must-have Pocket-Sized Comb is just 4.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.   Perfect for grooming tight spots and touch-ups on the go.

    The De-Matting Comb is fabulous as the final grooming step all over to ensure that all loose undercoat is gone and for finishing mat-free lush feathering.  The #1 All Systems Fabulous De-Matting Comb might just be the very last de-matting tool that you ever buy. Best of all, you'll obliterate mats and tangles without damage to that beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat.



    Ultimate Pin Brush in Basic Black . Ultimate Metal Full-Size Comb  . Crisp Coat Shampoo . Botanical Conditioner . Fabulous Grooming Spray

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