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#1 All Systems Fabulous DeMatting Comb
This fabulous comb with pins evenly spaced is constructed from the most durable rust-resistant steel available. The handle is made from brass and nickel and the entire comb is chrome plated.

The #1 All Systems Fabulous De-Matting Comb might just be the very last de-matting tool that you ever buy. With this excellent grooming tool you can divide and comb our mats with as little damage as possible to the coat.

#1 All Systems Fabulous DeMatting Comb

  • The Fabulous De-Matting Comb has round completely smooth pins that are 2" long and evenly spaced. The smooth handle is .5 inches wide and the comb is 6 inches in length. You'll love using this hefty comb as the final step in brushing out a coat to ensure a thorough and tangle-free job well-done .
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