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#1 All Systems has grooming products for every grooming challenge

Tackle problems with matting with #1 All Systems.

FABULOUS GROOMING SPRAY is formulated with lipid layer enhancers that instantly increase smoothness to facilitate brushing out the coat and working through mats.  This advanced spray adds moisture and is formulated to nourish, protect and replenish.  Will never build up, turn brittle or sticky so it is the ideal daily grooming spray and an amazing spray for breaking up mats and tangles.

The best-selling VICTORIA PIN BRUSH is constructed with substantial 20mm carbon steel pins set in a soft, flexible cushion that makes brushing comfortable for your pet. And, comfotable for you, the ergonomically correct beech wood handle is built to last.  The thick, sturdy Victoria pins are designed to glide through the thickest coats.  This brush easily works through mats and tangles.  

The #1 All Systems FABULOUS DEMATTING COMB might just be the very last de-matting tool that you will ever buy. With this excellent grooming tool you can divide and comb out mats with as little damage as possible to the coat.  This comb with a finish that will never wear off has round completely smooth teeth that are 2" long and evenly spaced. The smooth handle is .5 inches wide and the comb is 6 inches in length. You'll love using this hefty comb as the final step in brushing out a coat to ensure a thorough and tangle-free job well-done.

#1 All Systems . Package Detangling . No More Mats

PriceFrom $11.95
  • Pro Tip

    Without the proper tools and techniques, dealing with mats is the one of the most time-consuming and difficult of all grooming tasks.  Difficult for you and for your pet. 

    #1 All Systems technology confronts this problem head on with state-of-the-art grooming products.  Let these products work for you and with you to get the job done.

    With mats, it is best to deal with very small sections of the coat at a time.  This is a priority:  Place your thumb and index finger between your pet's skin and the mat.  Firmly hold that section of coat being brushed to prevent uncomfortable tugging and pulling.  Spray lightly with Fabulous Grooming Spray .. use the Victoria Brush to brush in all different directions to lightly start loosening and brushing out the mat (which is actually a knot) .. finish with the Fabulous Dematting Comb to break up and comb out.

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