#1 All Systems . Amp It Up

Amplify - Define - Volumize - Texturize!
The NEW hair cream / paste that is formulated to produce an amplified, defined, volumized, texturized style. Use to sculpt and mold the coat into desired shape. Is also a root boosting hair paste to add volume and desired style.

Amp It Up is made with the highest grade cosmetic ingredients available.  Apply with your hands starting at the roots and work out to the ends of the coat.  Finish with brush or comb to complete the look.

#1 All Systems Amp It Up / Amplify . Volumize . Define

  • The New Victoria Brush is an extra sturdy pin brush with thick carbon steel pins that have rounded tops set in a natural rubber anti-static cushion. Designed by Roberta Lombardi for #1 All Systems and created especially for grooming rough coated breeds.  Excellent for double-coated longhaired breeds too.  This brush has the structure to get down deep, lift and separate to define and build volume.