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#1 All Systems Got Hair Action / Brazilian Blow-Out For Pets

• Step 1: Apply SMOOTHING KERATIN SHAMPOO to a wet coat and distribute evenly. Rinse thoroughly. This outstanding shampoo prepares the coat for the Smoothing Serum and Hair Apparent Treatments
• Step 2: Condition with SMOOTHING SRERUM & MOISTURIZER. This revolutionary keratin-based treatment smooths, adds texture plus volume, repairs, strengthens and shines even the most damaged and unmanageable coats.
• Step 3: Seal in the treatment and for additional conditioning finish with HAIR APPARENT Leave In Conditioner. This exceptional leave in conditioner is ready to use for adding moisture, texture, shine.

#1 All Systems Got Hair Action / Brazilian Blow-Out For Pets

PriceFrom $14.95
  • GOT HAIR ACTION is an amazing three-part conditioning system created by #1 All Systems to transform a coat from unmanageable and dull to easy and beautiful. A Brazilian Blow-Out that is formaldehyde-free.
    For Dogs & Cats * For All Coats

    • #1 All Systems Got Hair Action products are amazing. My Tibetan Terrier looks beautiful. More good news, brushing her coat in between baths was a real chore, not anymore. Thank you!  - Karen D'Amico 
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