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Vital Energy For Your Pets' Longevity

Interview With Roberta Lombardi From Dog News MAGAZINE  July 2016
 “The Weekly Question” by Michael Stander

Do you have any special formulas that you use for keeping your dogs healthy and long-lived that you may like to share …
#1 All Systems Products Created By Roberta Lombardi

I sure do. For over twenty years, we have fed a combination of various raw meats, seasonal raw vegetables and VITAL ENERGY which is an organic food and whole food concentrate supplement.


Vital Energy was designed by Dr. Udo Erasmus who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition with post-graduate work in biochemistry and genetics.  He did some of the pioneering work in the study of good fats vs bad fats.  His book “Fats that Kill, Fats that Heal” is recommended by doctors.  Vital Energy contains all of the Omegas for healthy skin and coat, herbs to cleanse the liver, blood and kidneys, natural occurring thyroid support plus phytonutrients to support the immune systems and the full ten enzymes for digestion so often lacking in a processed diet.  It contains all the fiber needed to keep the gut healthy.

We still use a good premium kibble for convenience but never more than 50% of the diet is made up of processed foods.  I also incorporate the Standard Process medicinal level supplements for specific issues, for example, using the cardiac and \renal for older dogs which is very helpful in giving the extra support for optimum health as their organs age.